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Brugmansia Seed

How To Plant Brugmansia Seeds – Sheri Ann Richerson – YouTube

Sheri Ann Richerson from and author of numerous books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Seed Saving & Starting shares Brugmansia planting tips as she plants seeds. Brugmansia seed typically germinate somewhere between 2 to 10 weeks… Read More

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Eat Better, Save Money By Growing A Garden

Avoid the chemical additives, save money and eat produce that is healthy by growing and preserving your own food this year.


Introducing Brugmansia: A Superior, Fragrant, Nocturnal Plant

These easy to grow beauties are toxic; however with proper care they are an easy to grow tropical plant. Be sure, however, to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Winter Garden Ideas_ Harvest Vegetables-3

Save Money! Harvest Free Vegetables Year-Round In Any Climate!

Getting a head start on the vegetable garden can be tricky if you wait until January because of frozen ground. It seems this time of year if the ground is not frozen it is wet. Neither condition is… Read More

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Direct Sow New Selected Vegetables In January

January is a good time to prep your vegetable garden, plant cool season crops and get your seed starting supplies ready for the upcoming season. For those who were unable to get into their garden in January due… Read More

Indiana Winter Vegetable Garden November 2 Pinterest

Indiana Winter Vegetable Garden November 2

We had a killing frost last night, so most of the garden was already gone today – including my hardy figs. I did not get them covered in time to save the figs that were almost ready to pick – but there is always next year. After a careful survey of the garden I did find several cold hardy plants up in the big vegetable garden that were doing well. I dug those up and transplanted them to the small hoop house for the winter. Those plants were celery, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and lettuce. Growing inside the hoop house was some onions left over from last year. I watered all the plants in well and am sure they will do just fine thought the winter.

December 1 And We Have Fresh Tomatoes On The Vine

December 1 And We Have Fresh Tomatoes On The Vine

Sheri Ann Richerson is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I also post links… Read More

Plants Make The Best Gifts

Plant lovers know plants make the best gifts. You simply cannot have enough plants and there is always room to add “just one more” plant to the mix. This can drive the non-plant people in your life up… Read More

Rustic Interior Decorating Idea With Tropical Plants

Fall is here which means winter isn’t far off and it’s time – once again – to bring your  tropical plants indoors. We all know the drill – move the plants out in spring, redecorate, then panic once… Read More


Michelia is one tough cookie to germinate. I have literally tried everything to get this fragrant, must-have plant to grow from seed – and failed miserably every time. Of course, when I saw the seeds this year, I… Read More

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