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    Chocolate – Theobroma


    A Theobroma cacao tree with both flowers and a single pod hanging from the trunk.


    Theobroma cacao – chocolate – is very easy to germinate as long as you have fresh seeds. Buying the entire pod is a great way to make sure the seeds are still viable as long as the pod is freshly cut off the tree. Buying individual seeds or trading for them is a little more risky. In the event the seeds you receive are dry – or dry out during shipping – they simply will not germinate. Dried seeds are good for one thing – eating.

    Once you receive the pod, cut it open with a sharp knife. Make sure you do not cut too deep because there are seeds inside the pod. I gently, but firmly hold the knife so just the top edge goes in – and you will feel the difference once the knife breaks through the skin. Most pods have a skin that is about 1/4 inch thick. Once you are through the skin, position your knife so you can carefully slice around the outside of the pod. I tend to slice one side, then turn it over to slice the other side. Once the slicing is done, all you have to do is pry it open and scoop out the seeds.

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    Here are two videos by Sheri Ann Richerson. The first one was taken in her greenhouse, the second one was part of a presentaion she gave on Theobroma cacao.


    Greenhouse video –

    Presentation video –


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    Today I went out into the garden and removed the last of the spring lettuce from the raised bed. I raked the soil so that it was loose again as it had been this spring then filled the bed to the top with fresh potting soil. After mixing the two soils together I proceeded to plant seeds of Rouge d’Hiver lettuce. I watered them in and am patiently waiting for signs of life.
    The Theobroma cacao tree puts out more flowers by the day. I noticed that one of them had finally opened slightly today.


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