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    Starting Seeds For An Aquaponic System


    The Complete Garden Vegetable Kit from Dollar Seed has enough seeds in it to start a productive vegetable garden.

    Now that the fish are settled into their new home, it is time to get a jump-start on seed starting for the aquaponic system. The plants I decided to grow in this system are pole beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. I have heard these plants are harder to grow in an aquaponic system, but since I grow lettuce and other cool weather crops outside all year long, I don’t see the point of growing them indoors.

    I had just received the Complete Vegetable Garden Kit from the Dollar Seed. It was sent to me free of charge. The pole bean, tomato and cucumber seeds I selected were from those packets, so I know they are fresh seed. There was even enough seed left over to start another batch of plants with if I choose to do so.

    The steadyGROW sample kit was just right size for starting seeds for the 20-gallon aquaponic set-up.


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    December 23, 2011
    • Starting Seeds For An Aquaponic System | The Garden Seeds

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    March 7, 2015

    Deanna @ 10:23 am #

    Aquaponic gardening is awesome…. Put your tomato plants in… Mine are growing great!!!

    March 10, 2015

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