Month: December 2011

Starting Seeds For An Aquaponic System

Now that the fish are settled into their new home, it is time to get a jump-start on seed starting for the aquaponic system. The plants I decided to grow in this system are pole beans, tomatoes and… Read More

Plunging Into Aquaponics

The idea behind aquaponic gardening has intrigued me for quite sometime. I held off because I felt like getting large food-grade plastic tanks to contain the fish was beyond my ability, since I had no idea where to… Read More

Create A Festive Christmas Terrarium

Plants clean the indoor air and add a touch of elegance to indoor decor. The holidays are a wonderful time to incorporate a few extra plants into your living areas. Plants make ideal centerpieces. They liven up a… Read More

Elegant Test Tube Seed Starting

Elegant Test Tube Seed Starting

Gardeners who start plants from seed know the best way to do it is to pre-germinate the seeds in some type of container such as a bowl, glass dish or test tube. Sometimes finding an elegant way to… Read More

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