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    May 2000 Archives


    The Chelsea Flower Show has come to a close for another year. For those of us who were not lucky enough to attend, we had the opportunity to watch it from a webcam (, or to preserve pictures of some of the flowers from Chelsea on our desktops. The joys of the internet!

    After all, while many of us weren’t lucky enough to be there in person, we didn’t have to fight the crowds or tolerate the rainy weather, and we can still be in on the action, virtually. One of Chelseas entrants sported a tropical display this year, and though it was mostly rainforest plants, they definately did not like the weather. For example, a Victoria Amazonica that was being displayed for the first time ever at Chelsea, refused to bloom.

    So, you may ask, how do you go about not only having a successful display at Chelsea, but also winning an award? Well, that depends on what inspires you to acheive a unique and breathtaking display. For some, it has been the combination of colors and shapes, the history of the plants themselves, or maybe just a particular type of plant.

    Last years Chelsea show sported a shipwreaked plant display. I found myself very inspired by the idea. The boat was upturned and filled with flowers, and beside it on the beach was a treasure chest full of flowers. For plant lovers, what better treasure then flowers?

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