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    2nd Annual Homesteading Festival – Exotic Gardening Farm & Wildlife Habitat

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    September is International Homesteading Education Month.

    In honor of this – and to show others what is possible on small acreage – we are hosting our second annual Homesteading Festival. This event will take place on Sunday, September 22, 2012 at 11am. Please see the information below for approximate times.

    Instead of holding individual classes, we are opting to have a farm tour where you will see a variety of plants – including vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, native plants, plants that attract pollinators and interesting ornamentals. We currently grow around 5,000 different plants on our property – although not all of them are visible at once due to some being dormant.

    Other things you will see – and get to learn about – include:

    11am – Herbs and their uses. We will look at the various herbs growing and talk about some of the things they are used for.

    12 Noon – How to garden year-round – both indoors and outdoors – in Indiana. You will see straw bale gardens, raised beds, regular in-ground vegetable gardens plus cold frames, frost covers, tunnel houses and various types of small greenhouses in use.

    1pm – How to raise livestock (horse, sheep, goats, chickens) on small acreage. Bring your questions! You will see the areas where we keep our livestock and hear how we do it. We strive to be as organic as possible when raising them.

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