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    marshmallow root


    Hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick and snowman marshmallow is sure to delight children and adults alike.

    Ah – nothing quite compares to coming in out of the cold and drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate frothy with melted marshmallows. This is a tradition I’ve loved since I was a young child. The highlight of snowball fights, sledding, building snowmen and igloos – for me – was drinking hot chocolate and eating toast with butter afterwards while warming up indoors.

    Use a peppermint stick – or candy cane – to stir the hot chocolate with. As it melts, it adds a peppermint taste to the chocolate.

    Some people prefer making their hot chocolate from scratch using cocoa powder and others prefer buying the mix that you simply add milk or water to. Either way you can spice it up by adding peppermint sticks and marshmallows. If you grow your own marshmallow in your garden, you can make marshmallows completely from scratch. If you don’t grow your own marshmallow, I will share a recipe with you that uses items found at your local grocery. In fact you may already have many of these items in your pantry. The advantage to making your own marshmallows is you can mold them or cut them into any shape you desire – snowflakes, snowmen or other holiday shapes.

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