Solar Oven Recipes

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Once you have your solar cooker ready to use, you may want to try out solar cooked desserts. This is a great way to have baked items in the summer and not heat your kitchen up.

 Try your favorite brownie recipe made in a solar cooker. Most brownies take about an hour to bake.

 Use the cooker to melt butters, lards or other hard ingredients that need pre-melted.

 Here are some other recipes for solar cooking.

Solar Baked Apples

These are not only delicious but a healthy alternative to sweets.

Mix together one cup white sugar and one cup brown sugar in a bowl and set aside.

Core the whole apples. There is no need to peel them. Fill the cavity of each apple with sugar, then sprinkle the entire apple with cinnamon. Place in a dark pan, cover and bake for one and a half to two and a half hours. The apples should be soft when done.

 Cookies baked in a solar oven can be put onto a cookie sheet or baked in muffin pans. Some ingredients such as raisins can become crunchy if baked too long.

Cinnamon rolls are a delicious snack or breakfast food that does great cooked in a solar oven. They will need to be cooked for a little over an hour. Remember to test your food and experiment. If the food is not done to your liking, you can always return it to the solar oven or finish it using a conventional method of cooking.

This is just a sampling of what you can do with a solar cooker. Go ahead and try cakes or other favorite desserts. Remember the oven thermometer that lays in the bottom of the solar cooker will tell you how hot it is inside the cooker. Learn how to control the temperature of your cooker and you will be able to cook just about anything you wish.

Don’t get discouraged if your meals don’t turn out perfect the first few times you try. Remember to have a back-up meal plan just in case and also remember that pratice makes perfect!