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Elegant Cooking Quick Cooking Tip #3

I love baked pork chops. I love pork chops baked on top of stuffing. I also love crispy pork chops like you get when you fry them. I have come to a solution that worked out great. I… Read More

Elegant Cooking Quick Cooking Tip #2

In my opinion the meat today leaves much to be desired. I buy organic, local grown and grass fed as often as possible, but sometimes – due to budget restrictions, lack of access to good meat and a… Read More

Elegant Cooking Quick Cooking Tip #1

Sometimes simply finding the time to cook is difficult. Let’s face it, opening a box or a can and cooking that is much easier – but that homemade taste just isn’t there – and if you want something… Read More

Introducing The Elegant Cooking Channel On Experimental Homesteader TV

It’s been a long time coming – and this is the third of several channels that we intend to bring onto the site. The Elegant Cooking Channel contains a variety of videos of various cooking videos – plus podcasts from our own Experimental… Read More

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