Elegant Cooking Quick Cooking Tip #3

I love baked pork chops. I love pork chops baked on top of stuffing. I also love crispy pork chops like you get when you fry them. I have come to a solution that worked out great. I fried the pork chops in butter until they were crispy, then I added the stuffing to soak up some of the pork chop juices and any butter that was left. I cooked the stuffing and pork chops in the same pan until the stuffing looked toasted. At that point I moved the stuffing into the baking dish, laid the pork chops on… Click Here To Read more

Elegant Cooking Quick Cooking Tip #2

In my opinion the meat today leaves much to be desired. I buy organic, local grown and grass fed as often as possible, but sometimes – due to budget restrictions, lack of access to good meat and a slew of other issues, you’re just stuck with the meat from the grocery store. Here’s a little trick that was shared with me on how to make any cut of meat a little less tough. It works quite well too. Here is Quick Cooking Tip #2 –

Elegant Cooking Quick Cooking Tip #1

Sometimes simply finding the time to cook is difficult. Let’s face it, opening a box or a can and cooking that is much easier – but that homemade taste just isn’t there – and if you want something more, well – that is a challenge. You can spice up food from a box or can by adding some fresh, dried or frozen herbs and spices. Now it won’t taste exactly the same as if you spent the time to cook completely from scratch, but it won’t be “blah” either. Here is Quick Cooking Tip #1 –

Introducing The Elegant Cooking Channel On Experimental Homesteader TV

It’s been a long time coming – and this is the third of several channels that we intend to bring onto the site. The Elegant Cooking Channel contains a variety of videos of various cooking videos – plus podcasts from our own Experimental Homesteader Blog Talk Radio Show. We are starting out with just a few videos but as time goes on, more videos will be added. Be sure to check it out and do let us know what you think – or even what you would like to see!

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