Holiday Gift Idea: Homemade Tea Bag Favors

There is no better way to share your love of the garden than to give gifts made from products that you grew in that garden for the holidays. Dried flowers, herbs, barks and berries combine beautifully to create a variety of unique teas sure to satisfy the taste buds. Recipes are everywhere, but why not create your own unique blends using equal parts of some of your favorite flavor combinations?

November Card Creations

Learning to make cards seems simple enough, but developing your own style takes time. I spend hours online looking at pretty cards – and just about as much time combing through card making books and magazines – but I am still perfecting the technique. I love the look of vintage… Click Here To Read More

Pictorial Post #1

I’ve been playing around with various craft ideas over the past few months, plus I now have a craft room, so I thought it would be nice to just share some photos of what’s been going on. I intend to make these “pictorial posts” from time to time.  Please feel… Click Here To Read More

Garden Flowers Add Interest To Craft Projects

If you’re like most gardeners you can’t wait for the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Throughout the summer months you eagerly slip into your garden every chance you get to see what is blooming or maybe just to savor the scent of the garden. You know fall will… Click Here To Read More

How To Extract The Amazing Scent Of Lilac Flowers

  The oldest-known method for extraction and preservation of flower essences is known as enfleurage. This method, which involves pressing the flowers into some type of lard or oil, is used for delicate flowers whose scent cannot be preserved well using typical methods such as distillation or tincturing. Delicate flowers… Click Here To Read More

Yarn Making Process

The yarn I am spinning in this video is 50% mohair from Leonardo, the angora buck and 50% wool from Johnny, the Leicester Longwool ram. Leonardo is an angora goat and Johnny is a Leicester Longwool sheep. Both animals reside here at Exotic Gardening Farms & Wildlife Habitat. The yarn making process requires… Click Here To Read More

Natural Perfume Recipes

Here is a basic recipe for creating a natural perfume. Natural Perfume Recipes 2 cups distilled water 3 tablespoons vodka – or a tincture that you made with vodka 5 drops of an essential oil or fragrant tincture of your choice 10 drops of an essential oil or fragrant tincture… Click Here To Read More

Homemade Potpourri Recipes

There are many ways to get natural materials to make dried potpourri. You can collect plant material from your own garden or go for walks in the wild to forage for interesting pods, cones or other materials. If you wild collect, make sure you have permission to do so. Look… Click Here To Read More

How To Make Simplistic Free Beautiful Beads From Roses

  Making necklaces out of rose petals is a very old fashion idea. Not only are these rose bead necklaces beautiful but the scent is delightful as long as you choose roses that have a strong fragrance to make your beads with. Begin by picking lots of rose petals early… Click Here To Read More

Handmade Crafts

With the economy in the slump it is in, selling handmade craft items has not been easy. Items like goat milk soap still sell of course, but the rag rugs did not, which really suprised me. I gave them as Christmas gifts with the exception of the one pictured above,… Click Here To Read More

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