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Entice Buyers Into Your Home With Aromatic Scents

(BPT) – When a home smells good, it makes a favorable impression on visitors. This is exactly what home sellers want when they put their house on the market. The concept of ambient fragrancing started to trickle into… Read More

How To Make Orris Root Powder

How To Make Orris Root Powder

Making your own orris root powder to use as a fixative in potpourri or other crafts is easier than you might think. Orris root powder is also used as a cosmetic stabilizer and to help keep linens fresh… Read More

Easy Nature Crafts

October is a great month for collecting the last of the season’s bounty. Pinecones, acorns, seed pods and rose hips seem to be everywhere you look. The ornamental grasses are flowering and the last of the season’s flowers… Read More

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