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    October 2011 Archives


    I hope you will be able to join me live as I talk about the advantages of raising goats on Blog Talk Radio on October 18th at 4PM Eastern Time.

    Advantages Of Raising Goats 10/18 by Sheri Ann Richerson | Blog Talk Radio.

    The call in number to speak to me live, on-air is (626) 657-2120.

    I’d love to answer your questions or address your concerns about raising goats. We do raise ours organically, so I can address those issues as well.

    If you do not wish to call in, please feel free to post questions below this post in the comment section and I will get to as many of those as I can.

    Questions that I cannot answer on air that day will receive an answer as well.

    Thank you! I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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    We have finally found a newsletter program that meets our needs. You can sign up with the QR code above if you have a QR Reader. If not, here is the link to a regular subscription form.

    Here is a link to the archived copies of the Experimental Homesteader Newsletter. You will also notice as each issue goes out, this post will be updated.





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